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Are you a Localist?

Phoenix’s very own hero – and all-around promoter of wonderful things AZ – is coming out with a new program! Membership in the fast-growing world of supporting local Arizona businesses will no longer be limited to merchants, restaurants, and fabulous entrepreneurs. Regular ol’ folk like us can be part of the fun too!

Arizona is making a name for itself and not just because of crazy politicians. Be a Localist…be part of the change.



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Thought Stew

Yesterday I heard a conversation between a group regarding how dinner with friends can soon turn sour when it’s time for the bill to be paid. They entertained me with tales of regularly vanishing persons, the sudden bathroom needs of others, and those who feign ignorance and pay an amount that is not enough to cover their share. All of these stories were humorous, probably because I am not plagued by these issues. Hearing the stories reminded me how thankful I am that our Double Ds continues to hold true to the pact to get one bill at the end and split evenly. This allows us to finish a great evening with friends, as such…friends. Yes, it’s true that this means sometimes we each might pay a little more than we ate and drank, but it is quite certain that there will be another time that the tables are turned in our favor. By removing this stressful portion of the evening, we are allowed to reflect on the purpose of the Double Ds, and that is to connect with good friends and explore the culinary treats that the Phoenix area has to offer. It is remembering the good things in life that has kept this group going strong for 2+ years and counting!

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