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Attack of the Angry Crabs – January 2017

Angry Crab Shack

8253 E Guadalupe Road | Mesa, AZ | 85212

480-373-5855 |

Organized by: Fred and Karna – January 2017

What is an angry crab, you ask? Well the crab isn’t so angry, but the spices you can add to this seafood boil is what gives the restaurant its iconic name. It all started in a small shop in Mesa and has exploded into six locations around the Phoenix area, some of which also offer BBQ dish options.

The atmosphere is always very casual. I mean, you literally dig your food out of a bag with your hands while wearing a bib. So trust me, you cannot be underdressed. Patrons are also encouraged to leave their mark on the walls and the tablecloth is a piece of butcher paper to soak up all the cajun spices and butter that might seep out of the bag during your devour session.

Everything is flown in fresh daily and sold at market price so don’t be surprised if they run out of clams early. That is a fan favorite and Jenn can really get down in the dumps if she don’t get her clams. J Some of our group are regulars here and even call themselves the AC crew. But the crew isn’t for everyone because they like to go hot. I mean real hot. The kind of hot that makes your neck sweat and your insides cry. That doesn’t mean that you can’t join in, just don’t make the mistake like I did and grab a sausage or corn piece out of their bag…J

As a non-crustacean person, I was excited to try the BBQ options but that was a bit of a let down. We have so many BBQ options here in Phoenix so the bar is set kind of high and I don’t think AC makes it. The po’boys are okay but the bread is so…bready. Seems like a 3:1 ratio on bread vs. filling with every bite. I think I will keep to the chicken fingers and onion rings, gumbo, or coleslaw.

Beers are good and oysters are big, fresh, and cheaper than other seafood places. They have a variety of tasty cocktails that are served in mason jars and some local craft brews on tap. They do have wines available, but it’s not the best selection. I say skip the wines and go with the good beers or the great cocktails.

Whether you like a good boil bag or prefer to get one of the other menu items, make sure you come here with friends. Half of it is the food, but the other half is the fun experience with your peeps.

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December 18, 2015 – Salty Sow

Salty Sow

4801 E Cactus Rd.

Scottsdale, AZ 85254


Organized by: Ann and Jay

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the DDs!

We celebrated the end of 2015 with an homage to our love of all things bacon! Salty Sow is another restaurant expansion from Austin, TX that is making its second home in Phoenix right behind

We sat at a great large community table right next to the open kitchen which gave a great viewpoint of watching the magic of Chef Brady Cohen in action. On a fun side note, Chef Cohen was recently named on of Marie Clare’s most eligible bachelors check it out here!

Even the cocktails have a nod to little piggies like the CurlyTail with tequila, serrano, cilantro, blood orange, and smoked salted rim, or the Smokey Sow Martini made with Tito’s (of course!) stuffed bacon and cream cheese olives, or my favorite the Salty Sow’r with Copper City Bourbon, agave, lime, and tamarind.

First of all they have happy hour every day from 4-6:30 so make sure you get there early and take advantage of some of the $5 noshes. Do not miss the Truffled Deviled Eggs, the Duck Fat Fries, or the Crispy Brussel Sprout Leaves. We ever ordered a second round of a few of them because we couldn’t get enough!

Next on the must order list are the Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms (insert foodgasm) or the Farm Salad which is not your ordinary salad. Instead it has bacon lardons, pork belly, 110-minute egg, avocado, roasted beets, mushrooms, frisee, baby spinach, radish, and goat cheese croutons lovingly covered in a white balsamic vinaigrette. Oh my!

We wrapped up the night saying good bye to 2015, happy birthday to Don and Ann, and happy retirement to our favorite English teacher, Karna.


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