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Curry Corner – July 2019

Organized by: Kelly

1212 E Apache Blvd | Tempe, AZ | 85281

480-894-1276 |

July turned out to be a busy travel month for most of the DDs so we only had 7 or the 14 meet up this month for dinner, but that just makes it more intimate. LOL

For this dinner adventure, we stopped by a local Indian/Pakastani restaurant that we saw highlighted on an old episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Without that episode, we may have continued to keep driving past this place. It is hidden in a corner shopping strip next to a corner market (really a liquor store) and a tattoo shop. Some of the other shops look abandoned and some of the windows are covered up not giving it the feeling that this is a lively area. Add to all of this that it is hidden behind some light rail tracks on Apache and you might see why this place can be missed.

We have been to Indian restaurants before but this one definitely had some new dishes to try and new spice flavors to experience like Afghan Boti which was onions and chunks of chicken in a spicy jalapeno sauce. We also tried the cheese Naan, which was ticker and doughy. I think I prefer the classic or garlic Naan instead.

Another thing I noticed about this place is that it felt like you were going to your friends house for dinner. Just picture their parents are in the kitchen cooking while their brother and sister are setting the table and bringing out food. They may have run out of things on the menu without giving you a heads up, like the Tandoori wings, or they could be out of another vegetarian dish and decide instead to bring you Paneer Marsala. Ha! Sorry Ann. We were kind of at their mercy.

The food we did get was good and I can see why this place gets busy. There were plenty of young families and students coming in to eat but their take-out business was also hopping.

One side note- they do not serve alcohol and it took a couple of tries to get the soda we ordered or get water refilled. However, with no alcohol on the tab, we had one of our cheapest tabs ever at $15/person. 🙂

As a big fan of Indian food, I enjoyed this place for the new flavor offerings and dish variations that it introduced me too. 

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