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Tasty bites from Belize – Feb 2018

Elvira’s Belizean Café

February 17, 2018

Organized by: Bill and Sarah

For February, we took a little trip to the Caribbean side of Central America and tried some dishes from Belize. I can’t count how many times I have driven past this café on Alma School but never realized what we were missing.

Don’t be dissuaded by the menu descriptions, they certainly don’t justice to the dishes themselves. All of the dishes seem like they would be standard but there is absolutely a different mix of spices that give these dishes an identity all their own.

Ducunus are stuffed corn husks with corn mashed with coconut milk, salt, sugar, and butter. Salbutes are puffed deep fried tortillas that is topped with shredded chicken, chipped cabbage, and chopped pickled onions. Panadas are Belizean empanadas made with masa that is filled with beans or smoked fish and fried. They are very tasty especially when you add some of Marie Sharp’s Belizean hot sauce or some of the delicious onion sauce that comes with it. I will say that Belizean’s really seem to love their onions. Don’t run away from it if you aren’t a fan of onions. This sauce is a little more sweet and less “oniony”.  Lastly, garnaches are fried corn tortillas topped with beans, cabbage, dutch cheese, and more chopped onions.

For dinner, I tried the fried chicken, which had some unique spices that made it definitely different and tasty.  Some of the DDs also tried the stewed chicken and stewed beef dinner plates with sides of potato salad, coconut milk rice. Ann was adventurous and got the whole red snapper. This was not your regular red snapper fish, rather it is pan fried with spices making it very intriguing and very tasty.

Even though the dinners would good, I would say that we all agreed the appetizers were certainly the biggest hit of the night.

We would have tried dessert but we were so full after all the yumminess that we didn’t have any room.

So the next time you want to try something totally different, don’t miss a chance to stop off at Elvira’s and try some tasty dishes from Belize.

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