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June 11, 2016 – Kagie Wine Party

Another year and another summer tradition of the Kagie Wine Party! We missed seeing some of our DDs because of summer vacation travels, but we also introduced some new friends to “wineapalooza”.

Great food was there as usual with all the guests making some really tasty dishes to share to support Pat’s super secret and tasty meatballs. 😉 I especially loved Ann’s caprese on a stick. It was a toothpick with bite size mozarella, cherry tomato, and basil leaf all drizzled with balsamic. Perfect little bite size and refreshing as well.

This year there was a good representation of Australian Shiraz along with the regular tastings of Cab Sauv, Merlot, and white varietals. Cheese selection was extensive with lots of choices including the delectable Brilliant Savann.  

Until next year,


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June 13, 2015 – Kagie Wine Party

Kagie Wine Party

Hosted by Fred and Pat

It’s not June without another amazing round of wine tasting and friends at the Kagie Wine Party! This year was a very special treat with a cameo appearance of wines from Mollydooker, out of the McLaren Vale area of Australia. Wine fans got to savor the Carnival of Love (Shiraz) and Enchanted Path (Shiraz/Cabernet) among some other really great wines too! Naturally, we soaked up the wine with yummy appetizers brought by the guests, Pat’s magical meatballs, desserts galore, and cheese. Oh sweet delicious cheese…especially Pat and Sarah’s favorite, Brillat-Savarin. This triple cream brie is so creamy and delicious it is like a nectar from the cheese gods.

Wine, cheese, and friends is a great way to celebrate June.

Until next year!


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September 27 – The Market by Jennifer’s

The Market by Jennifer’s
3603 E Indian School Rd Suite A
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Organized by: Janice

The DDs (minus Fred and Pat who couldn’t make it) made our way to Arcadia this month to check out a local kitchen right in the same parking lot as Beckett’s Table and others. Hidden a little on the side of the plaza the restaurant had a cozy charming feel with an open seating area that is clean and simple without being stuffy, a beautiful wrap around patio, and a view into the kitchen to watch the magic happen.

Fred S demonstrated some of his playa skillz and hung out with the ladies at one table while the rest of the boys pretended like it was the playground at grade school hiding away from the girls and telling dirty jokes. 😉

Originally started as a catering company, Jennifer Russo-Fitzgerald used her magic to create a fun place to showcase her culinary innovations. Not only do they offer a great dine-in experience, there is also Curbside Catering offered as well as a Grab N’Go counter.

With a seasonal menu that offers fresh local ingredients, you are sure not to get bored by a variety of dining options. We started with some happy hour wine selections and some cocktails. The Black and Blue Mojito made with blackberries was divine and dangerous. It would be so easy to enjoy way to many of that refreshing beverage.

For starters we tried some of the options from the rotating “Bites” menu. This week it was the Meatball sliders with roasted San Marzano tomato sauce, the Fried Prosciutto/Provolone Balls with Garlic aioli, Grilled Chipotle BBQ wings, Cheddar & Italian Parsley nachos and Chili & Chive “Dirty Pop” popcorn. Very tasty way to start the evening!

Market by Jennifer’s was participating in Restaurant Week so some of us decided to try to prixe fixe options. This included selections such as the butternut squash & crème fresh soup; grilled cheese with white cheddar, gruyere and honey on a fresh brioche; fresh pasta with pancetta, parmigiano reggiano, poached egg and crisp prosciutto; and free range chicken with skin & crispy artichoke hearts paired with grilled corn polenta. All of these dishes were divine, but none made me swoon like the pasta with pancetta and poached egg that Ann so brilliantly chose.

Some other excellent choices for dinner was the roasted asparagus soup (which was better than the butternut squash if that was possible); the perfectly cooked ricotta gnocchi with peas, fava beans, Parmesan, and prosciutto; and the crispy salmon with roasted baby zucchini, saffron, baby onions, and natural jus. (FYI we heard that this was Jennifer’s signature dish! )

For dessert we ordered the lavendar crème brulee which was sadly a little disappointing, the HUGE chipwich ice cream sandwich, and the mason jar of lemon meringue pie.

In addition to watching a huge summer storm rage outside, we were also entertained with some live indie music by a guy who looked like he was channeling Johnny Cash. Thankfully, the music did not start until we were well into dinner and the volume so it did not drown out the good time we were having, but it was nice to add to the fun evening with some good music!

Pretty soon we were forced to say adieu and try to race the next wave of storms back to our part of the valley. Thank you Janice for picking a delicious place that also supports local farmers and merchants!

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Jan 18 – A foodie’s odyssey of the Greek variety

Pitta Souvli Mediterranean Grill
1940 S Alma School Rd
Chandler, AZ 85286
Organized by: Pat and Fred

We started 2014 with a big “Opa!” by visiting Pitta Souvli in Chandler. This charming place boasts a focus on preparing everything daily and using the “freshest most natural ingredients”. It is clear that the word about this place is out because the place was rockin’ on a Saturday night. This caused quite a bit of a wait for our food, but the fresh flavors are worth the time spent in anticipation and are served by people who have a real love for the food. Never trust a restaurant owner who doesn’t have a passion for their dishes!

For starters we tried the weekly special of Spicy Jalapeno and Avocado Hummus, which was a must for this crowd of hummus fans. We also ordered the Greek Fries, which is steak fries in a secret dressing and topped with feta cheese and tomatoes, plus Grilled Halloumi, a native cheese of Cyprus and supposedly the only grillable cheese. Like Homer and his doughnuts… “mmmm cheeeeese” For a grilled cheese, it was surprisingly cool and not what I expected, but the Greek Fries packed a punch to my taste buds. Must have been the magical feta. 🙂

For our entrees, many of us enjoyed the evening special of fresh ravioli with artichoke and with a light lemon and oil sauce. Some added shrimp and some went the meatless route but all of us agreed that it was delicious! The flavors were so fantastic and the pasta was light and fresh.

Also tried was the Grilled Mushroom Platter, Gyro Platter, Lamb Souvlaki Platter, and the Pork Souvlaki Platter. All platters were served with greek salad, roasted potatoes, pitta bread, and the glorious tzatziki. Don’t be fooled, the portion sizes are enormous and many of us took some home to savor all over again the next day.

Beverages for the evening was a Greek red wine, which was surprisingly very light and a little sweet, as well as Pinot Grigio and some beers on tap.

We rounded out the evening with some desserts and coffee. Word of warning, the Baklava is sweet enough to share with many – one bite packs a punch enough to satisfy any sweet cravings. But you absolutely can’t miss the phyllo pastry that is topped with cinnamon and sugar. Devine! Only problem is we were so stuffed we could barely manage a bite.

We had a 3G kind of evening: great food, great friends, and a great time. It was another delicious adventure for our spoiled taste buds!

Καλή χρονιά! (Happy New Year!)

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