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September 19, 2015 – Cyclo Vietnamese

Cyclo Vietnamese Cuisine

1919 W Chandler Blvd.

Chandler, AZ

Organized by: Fred and Karna

September brought us on another foodie adventure but this time over to Asia. Cyclo vietnamese is an awesome gem with the best kind of feature, BYOB. This place is small but cute with modern décor. Being able to bring in your own drinks sure does help keep the cost down and is another fun surprise to see what everyone is going to bring.

Cyclo is a small place run by a very animated owner who is not shy with dishing out the sarcasm but who has a zest for having a good time. Water is served to everyone with chopped up fresh fruit for a tasty and refreshing twist.

For starters, we had the spicy garlic green beans and the spring rolls (both regular and vegetarian). For entrees, we tried a variety of dishes like the Hanoi Rice Vermicelli, a broth with veggies and meat and rice noodles that you add together for a tasty soup. I was super proud that I ate everything with chopsticks, never mind that I wanted to avoid the wrath of the owner by asking for (gasp!) a fork. J

We also had the spicy crispy lemongrass chicken, mixed grill, and chicken with bok choy. There was also a great crisp rice crepe filled with shrimp, pork, sprouts, and served with large pieces of red leaf lettuce. The lettuce is used when eating many of the dishes almost like a tortilla.

For dessert, many of us ordered coffee but it wasn’t the regular coffee we thought of. Instead, a Vietnamese coffee is brewed slowly in a metal drip cup and then mixed into sweet cream and poured over ice. It was like dessert and coffee all in one! (Note: even better when you add a splash of Bailey’s) The mango sticky rice was made with purple rice that I have never seen before. It wasn’t as sticky as normal, but was still delicious.

There was also a heated debate over the best kind of Cheetos with crunchy inching out over puffy as the winner (but I might be biased in the voting).

The best line of the night still belongs to Jenn “filter can’t fix crazy”, oh but we can try. J

Ăn ngon nhé! (Bon appetit!)

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December 31, 2011 – Hats Off to 2011

Born during the last dinner club was the idea to have a New Years Eve party to wrap up 2011. Fueled by the spark of margaritas and inspired by Jen Westhafer’s tiny hat, we created a “hat” theme party. Of course it was going to be Double D’s style which means food, drink, and loads of laughter with the occasional serious discussion/disagreement thrown in. Needless to say, said discussion was cut off by what is being dubbed the “screen incident”. Do you know where you were during the “2011 screen incident?” I do. I was laughing hysterically in the kitchen.

Jen’s tiny hat failed to make an appearance (what was up with that, tiny hat?) and Jay should have been declared the hat winner with his amazing tiny black top hat. Why? Because it’s cute and because Jay wore it! There may be a snowman table top decoration somewhere that has a cold noggin…just guessing.

The Ds were happy to see Fred and Karna back with us for merryment but we missed Fred and Pat, plus Don who couldn’t make it. You were there in spirit!

This was quite a fun evening and I look forward to January’s culinary adventure expedition.

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February 26, 2011 – The Copper Kettle

The Copper Kettle

1941 W Guadalupe Rd #102
Mesa, AZ 85202
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October 17, 2010 – Cafe Monarch

Cafe Monarch
6934 E 1st Ave
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
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