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August 19 – Second Story

Second Story Restaurant & Liquor Bar

4166 North Scottsdale Rd #102
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Organized by: Jen and Don

Sadly I missed a good one in August. Rated the Best Old School Cocktails and I missed it? Sad day indeed. Well here is a pic of one of the smallest dinner clubs we have had. Summer usually sees lower numbers because many of our DDs are traveling or have family events going on.

The menu really looks amazing. Seriously, any place that serves WTF Biscuits, Cast Iron Chicken, Soy Glazed Spare Ribs, and Bourbon ice cream with berry compote must have their food game on point.


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Humbleberry surprise

We have been going to Laughlin, Nevada for many years and, just as many others do, we had our regular favorite spots. For us, this did not include the Pioneer Hotel and Casino. In our past experiences, the rooms had paper thin walls, the roof is low making the casino seem small and cramped and the restaurant was not a place that a foodie would hang their hat.

The saving grace for the Pioneer, used to only be the Sassy Sue Saloon that has good craft beers on tap, quarter poker machines at the bar, a jukebox that plays both rock and country, and a fantastic view of the Colorado River.

This year we were surprised to find another hidden gem at the western themed casino, Bumbleberry Flats restaurant. Serving food labeled as “comfort food”, they have renovated the previous greasy spoon diner into a scratch restaurant who provides flavorful versions of American classic recipes with a twist.

Do not be fooled, these dishes are rich and hearty and they do not skimp on the serving size. You may be eating enough to carry you through a couple of meals! We stopped by once for breakfast complete with a very tasty 3 huge breakfast sausage links, a fresh and airy Belgian waffle topped with fresh apple and cinnamon compote plus Chantilly cream, and hash browns that were clearly fresh. I have loved grits all my life and sadly the cheddar grits were not up to snuff with the grits one might find in Charleston, SC. The biscuits and gravy were good but we weren’t thrilled with the toasted cheddar biscuit that it was served on.

Later on we found ourselves back at Bumbleberry for Round Two. This time we tried the dinner menu and sat at one of the tap booths. This is exactly what you might be thinking. It is a booth with beer taps built into the wall. There are only two types offered, but you can keep pulling beers and a small meter keeps track of how much you enjoy!

The place is open 24 hours on Wednesday to Sunday but beware, they may run out of many of the items. It may have been a busy night and many of the favorites such the fried chicken, pot roast, ribs, or brisket were all gone. Instead we tried the bone-in pork chop that was topped with fresh apple and cinnamon bourbon sauce and griddled mashed potatoes; and the ribeye, which was a little thin, and served with a fresh and tasty oven baked potato (and yeah, there IS a difference that you can taste.)

All in all, it was a great surprise to find a second great reason to add the Pioneer to our regular rounds each year. Looks like we are going to have to keep going back until we get to try all those dishes that were so popular that they ran out of them!



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December 21, 2013 – The Herb Box

The Herb Box
7134 E Stetson Drive
Old Town Scottsdale

Organized by Jen and Don

It’s Christmas time again and that means a wine exchange! This year we tortured the staff of, err… celebrated at The Herb Box. This is another of many modern restaurants in the Old Town Scottsdale area that works to bring familiar seasonal dishes but with a twist of their own.

Reservations were a bit sketchy since we arrived on time but were in the books for a later reservation. The hostess started to argue with us regarding the reservation time, but then realized that was getting us no where and found us a table. All was forgiven after we tasted/devoured the korean fried cauliflower. There were so many unexpected flavor combinations but they turned out to be a delicious surprise.

The cocktails were dangerously tasty and the many bottles of wine from Chronic Cellars proved treacherous for a certain someone’s snap button shirt.

Good time was had by all with tasty food, good drinks, and great friends.

Merry Christmas!


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The Book Jar Page

a creative and fun way to pick the next winner to “come on down” off the bookshelf! Thanks for sharing the idea Alex in Leeds!

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Are you a Localist?

Phoenix’s very own hero – and all-around promoter of wonderful things AZ – is coming out with a new program! Membership in the fast-growing world of supporting local Arizona businesses will no longer be limited to merchants, restaurants, and fabulous entrepreneurs. Regular ol’ folk like us can be part of the fun too!

Arizona is making a name for itself and not just because of crazy politicians. Be a Localist…be part of the change.



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Thought Stew

Yesterday I heard a conversation between a group regarding how dinner with friends can soon turn sour when it’s time for the bill to be paid. They entertained me with tales of regularly vanishing persons, the sudden bathroom needs of others, and those who feign ignorance and pay an amount that is not enough to cover their share. All of these stories were humorous, probably because I am not plagued by these issues. Hearing the stories reminded me how thankful I am that our Double Ds continues to hold true to the pact to get one bill at the end and split evenly. This allows us to finish a great evening with friends, as such…friends. Yes, it’s true that this means sometimes we each might pay a little more than we ate and drank, but it is quite certain that there will be another time that the tables are turned in our favor. By removing this stressful portion of the evening, we are allowed to reflect on the purpose of the Double Ds, and that is to connect with good friends and explore the culinary treats that the Phoenix area has to offer. It is remembering the good things in life that has kept this group going strong for 2+ years and counting!

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