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We are a circle of people representing many different career paths – ranging between engineering, banking, real estate and everywhere in between – who cherish good food, fun times, and the company of great people.

Curry Corner – July 2019

Organized by: Kelly

1212 E Apache Blvd | Tempe, AZ | 85281

480-894-1276 |

July turned out to be a busy travel month for most of the DDs so we only had 7 or the 14 meet up this month for dinner, but that just makes it more intimate. LOL

For this dinner adventure, we stopped by a local Indian/Pakastani restaurant that we saw highlighted on an old episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Without that episode, we may have continued to keep driving past this place. It is hidden in a corner shopping strip next to a corner market (really a liquor store) and a tattoo shop. Some of the other shops look abandoned and some of the windows are covered up not giving it the feeling that this is a lively area. Add to all of this that it is hidden behind some light rail tracks on Apache and you might see why this place can be missed.

We have been to Indian restaurants before but this one definitely had some new dishes to try and new spice flavors to experience like Afghan Boti which was onions and chunks of chicken in a spicy jalapeno sauce. We also tried the cheese Naan, which was ticker and doughy. I think I prefer the classic or garlic Naan instead.

Another thing I noticed about this place is that it felt like you were going to your friends house for dinner. Just picture their parents are in the kitchen cooking while their brother and sister are setting the table and bringing out food. They may have run out of things on the menu without giving you a heads up, like the Tandoori wings, or they could be out of another vegetarian dish and decide instead to bring you Paneer Marsala. Ha! Sorry Ann. We were kind of at their mercy.

The food we did get was good and I can see why this place gets busy. There were plenty of young families and students coming in to eat but their take-out business was also hopping.

One side note- they do not serve alcohol and it took a couple of tries to get the soda we ordered or get water refilled. However, with no alcohol on the tab, we had one of our cheapest tabs ever at $15/person. 🙂

As a big fan of Indian food, I enjoyed this place for the new flavor offerings and dish variations that it introduced me too. 

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Blue Adobe Santa Fe Grille – Mar 2019

884 E Williams Field Rd | Gilbert, AZ | 85295

480.306.8050 |

Organized by: Sarah and Bill

Wow – I am really slacking at keep up with our food adventures! I guess it isn’t as bad as last year where I am missing most of 2018! I am making a mid-year resolution…is that a thing? I mean, why wait another 6 months to turn something around, right? That is just called trying to justify procrastination. Ha! Ok, I am making it a thing (trumpets sound). By royal(-ish – not really but I always dreamed of being a princess) decree, I declare the time for mid-year resolutions is now. ☺

So now to talk about food…in March we visited Blue Adobe Santa Fe Grille in Gilbert. This is one of their two locations and while the owner might have gotten started with the original in Mesa, it is not related. Similar but not the same. Seems like this stretch of road in Gilbert is getting a healthy and tasty dose of New Mexican cuisine since La Ristra and New Mexican Grill are not too far away from Blue Adobe.

If you have never had New Mexican food — 1) you are insanely missing out and 2) it is not to be confused with Sonoran style Mexican food found in Arizona. In my opinion, the flavors are completely different. Green and red chilies play a big part in the dishes and sometimes ARE the dish. Oh and let’s not get it twisted, these are not your local commercial grocery chain of canned chilies…these are fresh, roasted, and spicy chilies that have the potential to kick you in the face and then whisper sweet nothings to your taste buds at the same time. There are some of my favorites like posole, a soup made with roasted pork and hominy or carne adovada, simmered roast pork in red chile sauce that just melts in your mouth. And since New Mexico is the 2nd largest producer of pecans in the country, pecan-grilled or pecan-smoked meats are also common. In addition, blue corn is also highly represented in tortillas, chips, corn bread, and many other ways.

The margaritas at Blue Adobe are good. Had better, but good and the service was quite slow on the night we were there. Granted, I know we are a large group so I always try to take that into consideration but this time it seemed slower and more distracted than normal. The dishes were good and represented the classics but we are tough critics since some of our friends are from New Mexico and it is hard to compete with Aaron’s home-cooked posole and red chili beef. 😉

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All Pierogi Kitchen

February 2019 | Organized by: Karna and Fred

All Pierogi Kitchen & Euro Market

1245 E Baseline Rd | Mesa, AZ | 85202

480.262.3349 |

My first pierogi adventure! This hidden gem with flavors from the Ukraine and eastern Europe is in a shopping strip at Alma School and Baseline. I can’t count how many times we have driven past this place and had no idea the tasty wonder that was hidden inside.

The place is comfortable and casual and gives a feeling of stopping by a local place for a quick bite cooked up by your neighbor’s grandma in the back, but yet is welcoming and inspires you to relax and just hang out while catching up with friends.

For appetizers we tried the salad sampler plate which included some mixed salads, a potato salad that includes peas and carrots, and rainbow salad which is made with shredded beets, pickles and small crispy french fries.

I had no idea that there was such a variety of dishes based on beets and pickles. Not everyone was a fan but I was so excited. Beets and pickles are two of my favorite things and they were in so many of the dishes!

We tried the red borscht (with beets of course) and the smoked kielbasa dill pickle green borscht. Both were quite tasty and so not what we expected. The pierogis and kielbasa were so fresh and flavorful but don’t be worried, the portions are plenty so you will certainly have enough.

We also tried the cabbage rolls both the beef with tomato sauce and the pork with the mushroom sauce, which was definitely the winner of the two. I assumed red cabbage salad would be similar to rot kohl that I have enjoyed in the past but this one was different and left me “meh”.

Make sure to leave room for the fruit pierogis and honey cake for dessert. Yum! And don’t miss an opportunity to stop by the attached market to pick up some fresh sausage, cheese, or other treats.

To seal the deal on this wonderful experience, we also had the benefit of some live music from the cutest musician cranking out some well-known tunes on an accordion. It was such a fun foodie adventure and a nice return to the drive for food exploration that started the Double D’s oh-so-many years ago. Well done Karna and Fred!

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Flying Basset Brewery

January 2019 | Organized by: Jenn

Flying Basset Brewery

720 W Ray Rd | Gilbert, AZ | 85233

480.426.1373 |

Cheers to 2019 and cheers to celebrating our love of all things puppies and beer! This casual brewery celebrates our floppy eared companions and offers a good selection of local beers as well as their own tasty creations.

The menu doesn’t disappoint either. Options are what you would expect for a bar menu but with a nice mix of their take on poutine, wings, burgers, sandwiches, and other favorites. I tried the Danish brat for the first time and it was certainly different from other style brats. It was a little blander in flavor and had a softer mealy texture but was still enjoyable. The tater tots are a must have side dish but if you opt for fries you can’t go wrong. Wings can be tricky to order because you never know what you are going to get but their After Burner Froasted Wings had a good flavor and were not as hot as the name makes them seem.

Flying Basset was another great pick and a fun evening catching up with friends.

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Cuisine and Wine Bistro

December 2018 | Organized by: Jenn and Don

French Bistro and Steakhouse


TEL: (480)-275-6700

Say goodbye to 2018! For our end of year party & wine exchange, we visited another location for Cuisine and Wine Bistro, but instead of Gilbert, we tried their Chandler location. There are some old favorites but some new menu creations.

I was really excited about their French Onion Soup! I love French Onion but am 100% over the large piece of soggy bread with a huge goopy slice of cheese on top. I was sooooo in love with their take on this common soup. It was more broth and onion. I was so in taste bud heaven! Atmosphere was nice and casual. Tip: Order your drinks as soon as you sit. While the cocktails are tasty, they take a while to arrive.

The wine exchange was naturally full of controversy with stealing of gifts and debate over the actual rules. We do this every year but we seem to have this same debate every year. All-in-all it was a nice evening

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Cuisine and Wine Bistro

Cuisine and Wine Bistro

1422 W Warner Rd | Gilbert, AZ |85233


Organized by Janice

For April we went to a favorite for some of the DDs, a cute French bistro in Gilbert that has expanded to another location in Chandler. This charming place is run by a sweet French family. They are super accommodating with any fun events and happy to work with you to design a menu if needed.

The menu doesn’t disappoint with a scrumptious rotating menu of various tasty treats. We started with a variety of bruschettas and a mixed board of charcuteries and cheeses.

Main courses included the grilled salmon with beurre blanc sauce, pork tenderloin with dijonnaise sauce, and filet mignon with red wine shallots. Sides included options such as twice baked potato (yum), hand cut fries, or a rice medley.

Make sure to save some room for dessert! We ended a fabulous dinner with chocolate souffle and Grand Marnier creme brulee, which is a fabulous creme brulee topped with a grand marnier candied orange zest. Such a nice twist on a classic dessert that leaves you wanting more!

The weather was still nice so we opted to sit outside on the patio which makes for a nice intimate setting for a large group. The wine options are excellent and plenty and the service is not to be forgotten. It was a wonderful evening in all aspects and a must visit if you are looking for divine food, wine, and a relaxing evening with friends.





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Tasty bites from Belize – Feb 2018

Elvira’s Belizean Café

February 17, 2018

Organized by: Bill and Sarah

For February, we took a little trip to the Caribbean side of Central America and tried some dishes from Belize. I can’t count how many times I have driven past this café on Alma School but never realized what we were missing.

Don’t be dissuaded by the menu descriptions, they certainly don’t justice to the dishes themselves. All of the dishes seem like they would be standard but there is absolutely a different mix of spices that give these dishes an identity all their own.

Ducunus are stuffed corn husks with corn mashed with coconut milk, salt, sugar, and butter. Salbutes are puffed deep fried tortillas that is topped with shredded chicken, chipped cabbage, and chopped pickled onions. Panadas are Belizean empanadas made with masa that is filled with beans or smoked fish and fried. They are very tasty especially when you add some of Marie Sharp’s Belizean hot sauce or some of the delicious onion sauce that comes with it. I will say that Belizean’s really seem to love their onions. Don’t run away from it if you aren’t a fan of onions. This sauce is a little more sweet and less “oniony”.  Lastly, garnaches are fried corn tortillas topped with beans, cabbage, dutch cheese, and more chopped onions.

For dinner, I tried the fried chicken, which had some unique spices that made it definitely different and tasty.  Some of the DDs also tried the stewed chicken and stewed beef dinner plates with sides of potato salad, coconut milk rice. Ann was adventurous and got the whole red snapper. This was not your regular red snapper fish, rather it is pan fried with spices making it very intriguing and very tasty.

Even though the dinners would good, I would say that we all agreed the appetizers were certainly the biggest hit of the night.

We would have tried dessert but we were so full after all the yumminess that we didn’t have any room.

So the next time you want to try something totally different, don’t miss a chance to stop off at Elvira’s and try some tasty dishes from Belize.

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