March 15 – A little dose of Enchantment for Gilbert

15 Mar
La Ristra New Mexican Kitchen
638  E Warner Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85296

Organized by: Bill and Sarah

Do you like to have your tongue bathed in tasty fire? Are your sinuses plugged up and need some relief? Then La Ristra is the place for you! Known for their magical sinus healing powers, New Mexican chilies are found in abundance through the menus of this Gilbert gem. Be warned, if you like your Mexican food bland and covered in greasy orange cheese, slowly walk backwards and quietly exit because this is not the place for you.

There is a Happy Hour from 2-6 Mon to Fri and live music frequently in the bar area. So if you have a large crowd and want to be able to hear each other, make sure you sit in the general dinning room. But have no fear, you will still get great service except from possibly the food runners who don’t quite know the dishes yet. (No dude, that really looks like an enchilada…)

When (not if) you go, make sure to try the Hatch Green Chile and Bean Dip. This is not pulverized beans, rather whole black beans blended with a green chile and cheese sauce. You should also try the Blue Corn Enchiladas which are served either with Red, Green, or Christmas sauce (a little of both) and topped with a fried egg. Do not be afraid of the magic of an egg on this dish, just do it. Do it now.

After trying all the fantastic dishes like the Carne Adovado Ribs that fall off the bone, the Green Chile Pork Stew that is simmering with flavors, or the spicy but worth it Red or Green Chile Plate; you will need to wash down the tasty heat with some margaritas. La Ristra takes their tequila seriously and has an enormous bar hosting any kind of tequila you could desire. You can attend one of their frequent tequila tasting events or create a build-your-own margarita where you pick the tequila and the magician behind the bar will deliver an enormous and dangerously tasty margarita. It seems like La Ristra was able to bottle some of the Land of Enchantment and is sharing it with us lucky folks in Gilbert.

Be sure you go and savor what La Ristra has to offer. Better yet, don’t – and then we won’t have to share!


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