Ticoz Resto Bar

25 Apr
Ticoz Resto Bar
5114 N 7th St 
Phoenix, AZ 85014
Organized by: Ann and Jay

Thanks to our exceptionally socially conscious Ann, we were able to participate in Dining Out For Life. This annual event raises money for AIDS service organizations. Ann was quite familiar with it in the Seattle area and was super excited when it came to Phoenix! We were happy to join her in benefiting a good cause!

Ticoz was selected from the participating restaurants because they had a large portion of their profits that night (75%) going directly to the organization. We also lucked out that it was an enjoyable place as well. 🙂

The trio of dipping sauces with the house made chips was to die for! Spicy Choirzo Queso, Pork Chili Verde, and Lobster Spinach Queso. yum, yum! My favorite was the Pork Chili Verde because I am always a sucker for green chilies and pork anything. There was a very interesting combination of guacamole and garlic hummus called Guacammus and it was surprisingly very tasty. Not every culinary “mash up” always works and this was a tasty exception. 

On to the entrees, first there was Pork Chili Verde Mac N’ Cheese. Stop it. Right now. Hold the phone. That was insanely delicious! Then there was the Blue Corn Enchiladas, which received rave reviews online and rightly so. It has blue corn tortillas with shredded chicken, green chile, cheese, and a sour cream green chile sauce. You can also get it topped with a fried egg if you wish. You can also get the Pork Chili Verde in an enchilada as well, because really, can you ever have enough Pork Chili Verde?

The food was excellent and pretty much every dish was delicious. Sadly the cocktails did not live up to the caliber of food. We are a group of drinkers so I guess we are a little picky with our alcohol standards. The margaritas were okay and the mojitos were way way too sweet. I even tried the Sangria, but it was nothing compared to the nectar-of-the-gods at Rita’s Kitchen. I ended up just settling on a safe Stella Artois, which was okay because it left my taste buds free to enjoy the splendor of the food. There was a party in my mouth happening, Pork Chili Verde style!

the gang Dining Out For Life

the gang Dining Out For Life

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