Vito’s Pizza & Italian Ristorante

19 Jan
Vito’s Mesa
1947 N Lindsay Rd.
Mesa, AZ 85213
Ph. 480.832.3311
Organized by: Bill and Sarah H.
Welcome to 2013! We rang in the new year with a tasty visit to Vito’s in Mesa. Our group was reduced almost by half this month due to traveling and the nasty cold and flu that is affecting everyone (it seems) in the country. We missed those who could not make it and hope they are soon feeling better!
Saturday night is very busy and the unusally shaped parking lot gets crowded and can be hard to navigate, but we managed to make it through. Vito’s has a bar area, and outside patio, a large dinning room with booths and tables as well as a finished downstairs cellar. The Cellar is their banquest room which they use as overflow on Friday and Saturdays and honestly is a bit more quiet than the rowdy upstairs. This makes it easier to hear everyone, not by much, but still easier. The table set up was two rounds pushed together for a group of 8. This made it kind of awkward and a larger table would have been preferred but we made it work. However all that was soon forgotten as the food started to arrive. 
We started with the calimari (both plain and herbed) which is just lightly breaded and pleasing to the calimari fans. We also ordered the bruschetta which is served on lightly toasted bread but soft enough not to crumble into crunchy pieces and topped with fresh tomato, onion, feta cheese, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.
Tonight Pat as well as Fred’s guest, Rex, enjoyed the Seafood Lasagna made with scallops, orange roughy, shrimp, crab, mozarella and ricotta and topped with their special homemade sunrise sauce, which is a sort of blend of red and alfredo sauce. mmmmm. There was also Sausage and Peppers made with their homemade Italian sausage, peppers, onions, and marinara sauce. Fred S enjoyed it and said he enjoyed their sauce better than Pesto’s. uh oh, thems’ fightin’ words!
Ann enjoyed the Eggplant Marinara, which I also got to sample, but she was a little disappointed with the spaghetti on the side as it seemed a little cooler than normal. Bill and Sarah shared a Deluxe pizza, and Jay gobbled up a meat lover pizza topped with sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and meatballs. These Chicago style thin crust pizzas are just heavenly and can be addicting so use caution! These have the ability to inspire dancing at the table while eating. yum-o-licious.
Lastly we washed down dinner with a couple bottles of an Argentinian Malbec. We sampled a Cabernet from Avalon Winery in Napa but it was much too sweet for our liking. We made a good choice since Argentina delivers some great Malbecs.
Lastly when dinner was over, we had no tummy room but it seemed a crime to miss out on dessert. We opted to try Vito’s mini-desserts as opposed to their giant “we only came here for dessert” sizes. The mini-cannolis, with pistachio and chocolate chips, and mini-tiramisu were just enough to sample and share and a nice way to end the evening. Deliciously done, Vito’s. complimenti!
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