20 Oct
FEZ Restaurant & Bar
3815 N Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85012
ph: 602.287.8700
fax: 602.287.8708
Organized by: Ann and Jay H.
Finally the weather has cooled down for outdoor dining and the Double Ds did not let the opportunity pass us by. For October we visited FEZ on Central just north of Osborn. I was immediately struck by the fun decor like the long community table that was filled with grass and topped with glass or like the large opaque glass panels hanging from the ceiling that seperates the bar from the restaurant. We were seated outside to enjoy the great patio that had a nice fan for circulation. The music was a little loud and we had to shout a bit to talk even with a smaller than normal group but the seating otherwise was very comfortable.
Since FEZ is celebrating their 7th anniversary we were lucky to get to enjoy Happy Hour until 7pm. We started with ordering some beers and trying their signature rocks margaritas. The pomegranate margarita was very tasty and sweet but not overly so, while the watermelon margarita was very sweet and included a surprise gummy worm. We discovered that all “melon” related cocktails come with a gummy worm which we found a little strange. I am not sure if every customer is on board with this little gimmick because I even found an unwanted gummy worm smushed on the floor by a nearby table.
We also enjoyed some appetizers, even receiving one for free because of the special on parties of 7 or more due to the anniversary. Those who tried the calamari said it was crispy yet fresh and paired with a spicy paprika aioli. You know it is good stuff when they even opted to enjoy the fresh flavors without any sauce. We also tried the chicken phyllo packets filled with spinach, marinated chicken, roasted red pepper, and feta cheese paired with a roasted pepper aioli. The packets were good but surprisingly didn’t pack the flavor that we anticipated, however adding the pepper aioli made a huge difference and kicked up the flavor.
Dinner was filled with many different versions of burgers like the Fez burger topped with spicy honey molasses BBQ, cinnamon pears, feta and crispy onions; the Bleu Cheese Balsamic burger which had a great bleu cheese flavor with a hint of sweetness from the balsamic glaze; the Tan-Tan chicken sandwich with panko chicken breast topped by baba ganoush, green olives, and bell pepper aioli; the Duxelles burger topped with mushrooms, onions, and provolone; and finally the extremely tasty Tangier burger topped with a hummus spread and an amazing herb pesto, red onions, and manchego. mmmm, delish. The burgers were a little greasier than expected but thankfully they were served on a ciabatta bun which helped soak up some of the excess. Karna ordered the Crisp Pomegranate Chicken which is pan seared breasts with a pomegranate dressed spinach, roasted peppers, artichokes (yum!), chickpeas, apricots and croutons. Karna’s first impression was to say that the salad was too soaked in dressing but then proceeded to sop up every bite. 🙂
Some of us continued on with cocktails and some enjoyed a delicious bottle of Layer Cake Malbec. You can’t go wrong with a malbec from Argentina! Although we were all full, we did order the bananna creme brulee. When else can you try such an option?! There was definately a bananna flavor and the creme brulee was perfectly done. Just the right blend of creaminess with a perfect crunch on the top.
Parking is extremely easy with their own parking lot and a light rail stop close by on either Osborn or Indian School which makes it a good location for a night out.

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