April 21, 2012 – The Rokerij

21 Apr
The Rokerij
6335 N 16th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Organized by: Kelly and Tony Moore
April brings us to the north again and a visit to The Rokerij, which is one of the Richardson’s of New Mexico’s family of restaurants. Located downstairs from Richardson’s in the cellar bar area, the entrance to Rokerij sports a character filled stone tunnel which cements the intimate feeling of being underground. These two restaurants were not always located side-by-side but after a fire in 2009, Richardson’s was rebuilt next to it’s sister place. Although the two restaurants are seperate, you do have the choice of ordering off of either menu which is a nice surprise or an overwhelming curse for those with decidophobia. (no judging, it’s real!)
The Rokerij does offer a private group dining room but sadly it was taken so our large and rowdy group sat at two booths. Much to the wait staffs despair, this did not stop the DDs from having conversations or harrassing each other across the booth tops. We enjoyed delicious red wines such as Kilnkerbrick and another one that was so scrumptious, I kept employing our waiter to steal glasses from the Westhafer/Harrison/Herycyk table.
Some of us enjoyed items from the New Mexican menu of Richardson’s (yum green chiles!) and some dove into the specials of Rokerij. Table Moore/Swirbul/Hancotte enjoyed a starter of Tenderloin Toasts which included grilled tenderloin topped with French triple cream Brie and Calimari served with sweet red chile sauce. Karna enjoyed her “fish 3 ways” from the specials menu and said it was tasty and cooked very well. Sarah thought the Carne Adovado, which is smoked pork roast simmered in red sauce, was tasty but Jen (aka Adovado’s #1 fan) did not appreciate the ample amounts of smoke flavoring. Bill who does not suffer bad tamales gladly, enjoyed the Red Chile Pork Tamales. Fred S tried another special of 3 types of steak and his carnivorous side said “nom nom nom”.
The Rokerij does have a fireplace which is a nice touch but be careful about visiting during busy times, it can get up close and personal while you try to move around. (Seriously, who just touched me?) The ambiance is more intimate than the upstairs Richardson’s so the lighting is dimmer and unless you have cat level night vision, you should probably stay in your comfy booth and not try to mingle around. But really, who wants to get up when you are having fun and surrounded by friends?
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