January 28, 2012 – Tuck Shop

28 Jan
Tuck Shop: neighborhood comfort food
2245 North 12th St
Phoenix, AZ 85006
Phone: 602.354.2980
Open: Tuesday thru Saturday 5pm-10pm
Organized by: Ann & Jay Herycyk
Today we visited a spot that was featured on Check Please Arizona and is situated in the Coronado Historic District of Phoenix. This cozy place appears to be a renovated house on a non-descript street which hides the delicious treasures that can be found within. There is not an official chef however the website credits the talents of the whole kitchen staff in collaboration with Chef Mitch Hoverman.
This was a special dinner with all DDs in attendance and celebrating a particular birthday for Karna. Dinner started off with some cocktails at the bar then transfered to sharing four bottles of Matchbook Tempranillo once we reached the table. For starters, we shared the Pasta Fries, Nosh Plate, and Cheese Curds. As Jen said, who doesn’t need a fabulous ball of salty cheese goodness?
For dinner we all had a range of dishes and each one with their tasty highlights. The Pork Loin with Chili Glaze was a little undercooked if like your pork tender but the chili glaze was fabulous. The Lamb Meatballs were good but did not induce groans of pleasure like Pine AZ Skirt Steak with dry rub spice or the Chicken and Waffles. The skin on the chicken was crispy with a hint of sweetness (probably from the citrus brine) and, according to Ann, surpassed LoLo’s Chicken and Waffles. Now that is some competition! The steak was very tender and the spice rub was exploding with flavor. Instead of potatoes, you can also opt for vegtebles, which that evening was grilled grean beans which were crispy and full of flavor. The special of the evening was Vovo’s Raviolis in a vodka sauce, which was quite tasty but it was hard to shine next to the steak and chicken. The Times Mac and Cheese with lobstah (not a typo) definitely was able to run with the big boys and Jenn (resident mac and cheese connoisseur) gave it a big thumbs up and cheesy grin. Get it? groan…
We all ordered espresso or cappuccinos after dinner, but please be patient because they only have one espresso machine so it will take some time if you have lots of orders. We were surprised that they did not offer regular coffee but the espresso was tasty once received.
Due to the special birthday for Karna, the kitchen baked an off-menu treat for dessert, with advanced notice of course. They delivered a delicious choclate cake with a thin crispy chocolate top and melting chocolate drizzling off the sides. Yum!
For a small space, our large (and pretty lively) group seemed to be magnified in volume so hopefully we didn’t overshadow anyone else’s evening but we certainly had a good time! Our server, David, also did a great job keeping up with all the commotion and having a good time with all of our personalities.
Thank you Tuck Shop for such a wonderful evening!

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One response to “January 28, 2012 – Tuck Shop

  1. Kelly Moore

    01/30/2012 at 7:46 PM

    As Karna put it so eloquently, “Winner, winner chicken dinner!” The chicken and waffle dinner was AMAZING!!!


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