March 26, 2011 – Thai Chili

27 Mar

Thai Chili

3641 E Baseline Rd Ste Q102
Gilbert, AZ 85234
(480) 219-8330

This month we visited a small local Thai restaurant and immersed ourselves in a world of spices and flavors. Some of the appetizer favorites were the wontons filled with chopped chicken and amazing spices as well as the light, yet crispy spring rolls. Packed full of deliciousness and paired with a sweet and sour sauce that seemed to be made of fresh honey. We sampled a variety of main dishes that included salads, curries and grilled meats with veggies. Some could have used more spice and some were not lacking in the spice category at all, but we enjoyed all the same. Dinner was washed down by a Thai beer called Singha, which was quite tasty, or Riesling, which went nicely with the spices.

The restaurant is small so if you go at peak dinner times, be prepared to wait. Just sit back, enjoy your company and know that the food will be fresh, hot and worth it.

After watching Chugger finish her beer, so as not to commit a party foul and waste any, we headed to the Moore’s for some dessert and relaxation. Chefs Tony and Kelly made an ingenious creation of Belgian waffles with chocolate cake batter. Topped with ice cream, this was the perfect dessert to go with the spicy dinner!

Then Captain Tony treated us to a leisurely cruise around the lake while Sarah tried to blind everyone when taking a picture…in the darkness…with flash of course. Sorry guys, I swear I called “fore”! 😀


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5 responses to “March 26, 2011 – Thai Chili

  1. Patricia

    03/27/2011 at 5:52 PM

    A great time was had by all. It was actually nice to be able to visit while waiting for food. Good choice!
    thanks Tony and Kelly, what a great way to end the evening, chocolate and a boat ride.
    Until next month…..Cheers!

  2. Patricia

    03/27/2011 at 5:55 PM

    PS: Where is that blinding photo?
    Thanks Sarah for doing this….you are so witty and it was a great read.

  3. Ann

    03/27/2011 at 6:04 PM

    What a fun night! Enjoyed the bistro feel of the place… Great beer that is not to be wasted 🙂 and fresh food prepared to order. My dish was the most spicy (Laarb Tofu) and Jay loved his curry dish. Next time he said he would follow Kelly’s lead and get some green beans added to have more veggies in the dish. Getting the combo appetizer was a great idea for sampling all the treats. Would definitely order the spring rolls again — some of the best I’ve tasted.

    I do have to say that the highlight of the night was the Chocolate Cake Waffle with ice cream and coffee at the Moore household…topped off by a starlight sail under cozy blankets. And of course having Dolce (sweet Moore-family doggie) there made the night complete!

  4. Poppahugs

    03/27/2011 at 11:36 PM

    One of the best evenings I can remember. Great choice for food and the after desert and boat ride were very relaxing. Thanks everyone for a marvelous evening.

  5. Kelly Moore

    04/03/2011 at 9:45 PM

    Great friends, great spring rolls, good Singha beer and really good food!!! We love to do take out from here as well. Great choice Sarah and Bill.


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